Photographer turned blogger; Andrea runs Belair Beautiful, a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on beauty. Ever since she can remember, make up has played a big part in her life, not only has the creative freedom of make up helped evolve her make up artistry but it has also played a big part in her photographic work. At the age 15 she picked up a camera and then spent the rest of her teen years exploring and falling in love with photography. While her main focus in photography is fashion, her passion for make up was there from day 1. Her passions in life have finally come together in one place, Belair Beautiful.


Since starting Belair Beautiful she has worked with several brands. Her mission is to empower women through make up and personal style. Belair Beautiful aims to be a positive place where women can come find new beauty trends, style inspiration and real life advice as well as open conversations about feminist issues. When she is not creating photos to make other women feel and look beautiful, she is running her blog, shopping for outfits, experimenting with new make up products and raising a baby girl!


About A Girl

Hi there! If you were curious about the girl behind the blog, you came to the right place! 
My name is Andrea, I live in sunny Miami. I love to travel and eat (I really love eating!)
When I'm not blogging or shopping, I'm photographing other people (I'm a professional photographer!). 

I have always been known for my outgoing personality and sense of style, I always embraced the person that many people were afraid to be. I like to think of myself as a fashion rebel, I don't believe in labels or fashion laws. Style is extremely personal and should be a reflection of who you are; and I really believe we are all unique. 

Describing myself is probably the hardest thing I can really attempt to do; it's almost like trying to describe a color or a sound; it's quite difficult without a visual or audio to accompany it. 



  • I was born in South America.
  • I'm extremely petite (5 feet to be exact).
  • I have a younger sister.
  • At one point we had 10 cats! 
  • I love to wear boots, someone nicknamed me that in high school. 
  • I'm getting a Bachelors in Photography.
  • I make videos on youtube (sometimes).
  • My closet consists of 70% black.
  • When I was little I wanted to be an actress. 
  • I speak Spanish fluently.
  • I'm an Aries, yay!
You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
— Oscar Wilde