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Doing good for society is something I strive to do on a daily basis, I am constantly educating myself about where things come from and most importantly, who helped create the product. One of the most important goals I hope to cross off my bucket list is to become an activist and help women and children in South America and today I am so excited to tell you a little about the amazing product I received from Macy's and how this beautiful partnership is helping women all over South America in more ways than you can imagine.


While the Global Goods Partners has a variety of different products, which all come from different places, today I am going to focus on the beautiful Woven Bolivian Wool Throw. Coming from a country with so much poverty, I can only imagine what it must be like to be a woman in that part of the world. We often don't think about how difficult it is for these women to bring a steady income and sometimes it's almost impossible to achieve financial independence. And that's where you can come in! Every time you purchase a product from the Global Goods Partners at Macy's, you are personally supporting the wonderful woman who MADE the product you are holding (or will hold if you purchase online!) The Woven Throws is handmade in Bolivia, which happens to be the poorest country in South America. Not to mention that they have a population of 10 million people with 45 percent of that population living under the poverty line. Because of the sad and unfortunate fact that many women in rural areas have limited access to education, financial opportunities just don't come easily. When you buy from Global Goods Partner, you are becoming a part of the solution, and that's the goal here. The goal is to not only help women reach independence in every sense of the word, but the goal is to empower these women so that they are able to to take care of themselves, their families and their communities. When you provide help, you provide hope. And sometimes hope is what holds everything together in situations where you don't have much.

As someone who has seen poverty up close in my own beautiful country (Ecuador), I am so proud and happy to know that there are people out there who not only care about helping others but people who are taking action in helping those in need. It's important at the end of the day to not only be grateful for the amazing things we have in our lives but also to do something good for others, not matter how small you think an action might be, it might just mean the world to someone else.

With the upcoming holidays and special occasions, I encourage each and every one of you to take action to help someone in need. Even if you can't buy a product right now, I hope that you will remember that you can make a difference and add some beautiful pieces to your decor.


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BB_5475 {Disclaimer} I received product from Macy’s via Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. As always thank you to all the brands and sponsors who support this blog!