The Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics {REVIEW}




Sorbet is described as a 'matte finish light tangerine'.
for me this is the perfect nude, and for darker skin colors this could be a perfect color to set your primer but for lighter/medium skin tones it works well as a transition shade.

Seashell is described as a 'metallic finish pink champagne'.
This is one of the prettiest shades in the palette, it's very buttery and gives out a beautiful color payoff. It's pigmented enough but you can also build it up quite well. 

Peachy is described as a 'matte finish bright peach'.
While I love this shade, I didn't get the amount of pigment I was expecting and after using a few of the peach shades, I found this shade to be unnecessary. 

Royal is described as a 'satin finish bright royal blue'.
Obviously this is one of the stand out shades, and it really does stand out to me. It has really good pigment and translates well once applied, it's not hard to blend and a little goes a long way. 

Queen B is described as a 'metallic finish shimmering caramel'. 
To me this is one of the better metallics in the palette, I feel there are a bit of inconsistencies when it comes to the metallic colors (Mojito & North Star) but this shade is truly beautiful and pigmented. 

Duke is described as a 'metallic finish red copper'.
I was really excited to see a color like this one in the palette, and while I do think its a beautiful color, it's also one that kind of disappointed me. This color is supposed to be metallic but once blended out it sort of looses its shimmers and becomes a satin like shadow. 

Duchess is described as a 'metallic finish bright cinnamon'.
Duchess is exactly as described, its a beautiful bright cinnamon shade that has great pigment. It's one of the better metallics in the palette and one of my favorite shades overall, it applied the most pigmented and was also easy to build up! Definitely one of my top favorites in this palette!

Sandy is described as a 'matte finish medium tan'.
This is what I like to call the perfect transition shade, I find these warm neutral kind of colors my favorite to blend all over the crease for any warm look (since that's naturally what I always do on myself). It's very soft to blend and easy to build up.

Mojito is described as a 'metallic finish golden green'.
Okay, so this is one of my favorite shades in the palette and while I'll admit that it's not THE BEST metallic shadow in the palette or the world, I think it's still a gorgeous shade. There's something about greens that call my name and this one pairs perfectly with the peach shades. 

North Star is described as a 'metallic finish soft lilac'.
My feelings towards North Star are similar to what I think about Mojito. They're both beautiful shades that take a little bit of work to really pop but overall they work really well with the peach shades and add a little more variety to the palette. I created a beautiful peachy/pink look and I used North Star and it was the perfect finishing touch to the look! 

Crush is described as a 'satin finish peachy pink'.
Call me crazy but this is probably my favorite shade in the palette (okay maybe top 5 but still!), this shade completely blew me away. To me it's such a unique color and one you don't find in palettes often. It's my perfect Salmon color and it's a satin so you can really use it for anything, extremely versatile!

Cinnamon is described as a 'matte finish burnt orange'. 
This is one of those really popular shades that you can find in almost every palette and brand but I'm okay with it being included! I just wish they wouldn't have had two shades so close in color (Cinnamon and Duke). 

Overall, I love the shade selections and the only thing I would change is having a lighter neutral shade to set your primer down but I can live with it. I think all the shades are beautiful on their own and as a collection everything is very cohesive! 

a look I created with the Peach Palette

Thanks for reading!