Shiraz Bistro & Market - Best Persian Food In Miami!



Being a Miamian, you encounter Latin food quite frequently, naturally. So when my good friend, Kat (Aka Persian Kitty Kat) told me about this being her favorite Persian restaurant, I knew I had to try it. Kat and I are big foodies, especially when it comes to brunch, but I digress.  

I was able to go back there a month ago for a bloggers meet up and this time, the boyfriend came along! I was so excited because I remember getting home after the first time I tried Shiraz, I just said to him, "We need to go one day! It was so good."  


The Boyfriend came along to the meet up and he made a lot of jokes about how bloggers react when they get their food and how long it takes us to actually eat. We were all taking photos and well acting like "bloggers", it was funny just being there and at least he knows it's not just me. 

Anyway, for the meet up, we were served all appetizers on the menu (pictured below) and we were each told to choose an entree. I do want to say that this menu was specifically made for the event, their regular menu has a lot more things to choose from! 

The BF went with the Beef Kubideh Kebab and I ordered the Lamb Chops. For dessert (not pictured because we just went in for it, sorry not sorry!), we ordered the Baklava and Kunefe, the Kunefe is definitely my favorite, I had it the first time I tried Shiraz. The best way I can describe Kunefe if youve never tried it, is a sweeter version of an arepa, but it has a bit more texture and I quite enjoy that! 


Lamb Chops

The lamb chops were really tasty, but I still prefer the beef kabob (what I had the first time I went). I just didn't like the way I had to eat it, even though the meat fell off the bones, I kind of felt bad for ordering lamb in the first place. (I love animals and sometimes it makes me sad that we eat them.) 

Beef Kubideh Kebab

The BF really liked the kabob, it's really flavorful and it comes with really great veggies and rice. 

Post Meal Coffee

While I am a coffee lover, the coffee was a bit too bitter for my taste, I definitely recommend you try to tea over the coffee if you like sweeter drinks. 
For espresso lovers though, I think the post meal coffee is the best way to end a great meal.


9630 SW 77th Ave, Kendall, FL 33156

Shiraz Bistro & Market is located right off US1, close to Dadeland Mall.
It is truly a hole in the wall, the shopping center is a little hard to find if you haven't been there, but there's no issue with parking, etc. 


Not only does this wonderful restaurant serve delicious food but they also have tons of goodies in their market to take home. Whether you want to take the tea home or maybe some persian candies and cookies, you will find a wide variety of goods to choose from. The market section of the restaurant is really interesting and if you like trying food from other countries/cultures then I'm sure you'll be in heaven! 

Huge thanks to Shiraz Bistro and Kat for putting this together!
Shiraz really does have the best Persian food in town!