Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette Review + Swatches!


Hello Beauties! I'm so excited to be back on the blog with another review! Today I'm going to be telling you about Juvia's Place - Masquerade Palette.


Just a general disclaimer before we get started, this post IS NOT sponsored by anyone, I bought this palette with my own (hard earned) money and I am giving you all my 110% HONEST opinion! 

Okay, let's get into the review!

Okay, so where to begin? I've never really done a palette review on my blog (yet, because I'm gonna do more! I promise!) so this might be a little over the place, so bear with me!

I first heard about Juvia's Place (which is still very much a new, indie brand) through the Instagram Hype, if you're a beauty lover, you've probably seen this palette once or twice on your feed. So naturally, when there is a HOT N NEW product, I was dying to get my hands on it and thank god I did because it's currently sold out (Sorry! It'll be back by the end of OCT!).

This palette retails for 39.99 USD and is currently on sale for 32.50 USD (it's still sold out though) and there are a few codes you can use to get 10% OFF. With all that, and shipping I spent just $35 DOLLARS! 

You get 16 eyeshadows, 5 mattes and 11 shimmer/metallics. And for $35 dollars, THAT'S A DEAL! It comes out to be a little over $2 per shadow, which again, is a great deal, because the quality is GREAT. I also want to add that the pans are bigger than your average pan so you're getting a little more product.

I love that Juvia's place sent me emails all throughout my purchase, I got an email when I purchased, then when it shipped and then when it was delivered. I really like the customer service from them and even though I had no issues to reach out to them, I feel that they've taken into consideration the BIG boom they've had. While you will find negative reviews on this company, I have found that most reviews speak on the customer service side and not on the actual product. As someone who does care about customer service and the way companies treat their customers, my personal experience was great on everything and I am writing this review based on that.

This palette is honestly just so freaking pretty to look at and have in your collection. I already mentioned that the quality of the shadows is great, but I want to emphasize how buttery the formula is. They are extremely pigmented and soft to the touch, even with a brush you get a lot of pigment from each shadow. I find I like the mattes quite a lot but the shimmer shadows REALLY give me the feels. I'm going to be splitting the palette into each row and talk about each shadow individually so you get a better idea of which shadows are my favorite but overall this entire palette is WORTH the hype in my opinion and I definitely recommend you add this beauty to your collection.


The first row has the shadows Chi, Mali, Dalia, Zola. (From left to right)

I haven't played with this row that much but just from swatching these I can tell they are going to be a row I love, I absolutely love blue tones for brown eyes and blue is always a color I gravitate towards for my eye color! My favorite color from this row definitely has to be Zola, it's the perfect aqua blue and hello, Grey's Anatomy anyone?


The second row has the shadows Makeda, Zobo, Calaber, Bori. (From left to right) 

This is one of my favorite rows and I've played with this row so much and I can really say that these are greatly pigmented, purple and pinks are very hard shadows to formulate and I think the color scheme here is just so beautiful.


The third row has the shadows Giza, Burkina, Cairo, Ada. (From left to right)

This row is mostly mattes and they are a little patchy at first, however like every shadow in this palette, THEY BLEND BEAUTIFULLY and are not hard to work with at all. They blend, believe it.


The last row has the shadows Dahlia, Zulu, Casablanca, Fulani. (From left to right)

Okay, this row gives me chills, the good, soft look, chills. The shimmers in this row are almost like pigments, they are SO soft and pigmented. The gold is the PERFECT gold. -dead-


I absolutely 100% recommend this palette, to anyone, whether you're a newbie or a make up expert. This palette is perfect for color selection, with pops of colors and neutrals that are anything but boring. I can't wait to see what awesome palette Juvia's place comes out with next. 

As always, thanks so much for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed this review and that it was helpful!

Until my next beauty find!