Hello, 2016 ft. Hask Beauty

They say chopping off a few inches of your hair gives you a new identity and helps you let go of the past, well if that happens to be true then I'm glad I left the past (and tons of hair) behind.  

With the new year came a new hair do and when this hair care package arrived I was so excited to try it out with my new hair! 

I not only got excited for my new hair but since I got these HASK goodies, I was ecstatic to try them. The HASK goodie bag included the Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Treatment (hair mask) and the Revitalizing Hair Treatment (oil).
This was my first time trying Hask products and I have to say that I am now hooked. Every product leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and has repaired my dryness in just a few washes. 
Having short hair means you use less product but I also found that a little bit of Hask goes a long way. I love the way the shampoo cleans my hair and the whole treatment smells like heaven! 

They have a variety of different scents and each system targets different hair issues. Make sure you check out their website and find the right treatment for you. I'm dying to try the Express Blow Dry Mist, it's supposed to cut drying time in half! 

What I love most about the HASK line is that all products are made WITHOUT, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and drying alcohol, which means they have no nasty ingredients that don't belong in your life! 
You can get the products I mentioned and more here:  http://www.haskbeauty.com

If you've known me for a while you'll know that I love a good hair transformation, and if you didn't know then just go look at my Instagram, you can't go too far back without seeing different hair styles.  

Short hair is something I always gravitate towards but initially terrifies me. Getting a haircut is physically painful and finding someone to trust with my hair is near impossible. I have really bad trust issues with hairstylists. 

The only reason to be honest that I even decided to go do anything to my hair was because the awesome stylist who cut my hair was is a friend's sister and her baby's name is also June (middle name) so I just felt that it was a sign from the universe. 

Pili was sick when she cut my hair and she still did an amazing job. She started off by cutting it dry, my best friend who was present and witnessed this part more than I did was shocked at how much hair initially was cut, then after the dry cut, Pili gave me a MUCH needed shampoo and then finished the cut. I honestly sat down with no idea of what I wanted. I didn't even show inspo photos (gasp). All I said was "lob" (long bob) and she nailed it! 

I'm not sure if 2016 is going to be the year to top the 22 I've lived but one thing is for sure, 2016 is the start of a new journey. Not only is it already looking so bright for me and the people around me but I am so excited to be a mom and to go on the adventure that life is with my beautiful baby girl. 

So here's to haircuts and remember the next time you want to do something bold, ITS JUST HAIR. And like people, it grows!  

Stay Beautiful,
Thank you to Hask Beauty for sponsoring today's post.

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