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One of the things I wanted to do the most when I started Belair Beautiful was feature other amazing girl bosses.I am so drawn to people who have a dream and are following it; they know the hustle, they never stop working toward their goals.

Many of you might know, but some of you might not, and that's cool but I'm mainly a photographer. I've had my ups and downs and lately it felt like I was on a nonstop down and I realized that it was because of the people that were surrounding me. Bad, toxic, fake people. People who only pretended to want my best and be my friend, but true friends are honest with each other and SUPPORT each other no matter what.

And that reason I bring that up is because when I met Julianna, I was SO incredibly inspired. Not only did she create a kick ass brand and product but she is so intelligent and inspiring. She's someone who has taken BIG risks to follow a vision she had, not only for herself but girls all over the world. And with that said, I am so happy to be a proud supporter and cheerleader of Deco Miami.

We got together a couple of weeks ago and wandered south beach and we found the PERFECT Deco spot and if you're obsessed with these photos as much as I am, let us know because we'll get together and make more magic.

Enjoy the interview and go check out Deco Miami!

JULES_4123 JULES_4162 JULES_3886JULES_3818 JULES_3873 JULES_3913Feeling Fuego with a dot of Cafe Con Leche JULES_3937 JULES_4002 JULES_4088 JULES_4147 JULES_4095

1. What inspired you to create your own nail polish line?

Such loaded question! There were two big factors in my decision to move forward with my line. The first was that I wasn’t satisfied with the physical offerings of nail polish in the current market, and the solutions to the problems that I saw seemed obvious to me. Better yet, my friends and fellow nail polish addicts were really excited about my ideas, and not in a you’re-my-friend-so-I-have-to-be-nice-about-your-business-idea way, but in a "shut up and take my money!" way. But beyond innovating physical aspects of nail polish, the thought of calling the shots for a beauty brand was such a cool opportunity to me because there are so many little things that bother me about the beauty industry as a consumer. Now that I have my own line, I set my own standards for how I manage my brand, and coming up with Deco’s details is really what excited me about creating it. For example, I absolutely hate hate hate the word “nude” in labeling colors for cosmetics, and I internally scream every time I see the word being used to describe a color tone. Nude means naked, not beige! So, I make an active effort to never use the word nude on my website or on Insta. Now I can be the change that I wanted to see in the industry as a consumer, which feels really cool.

2. How do you come up with the nail polish names/colors?

The creative process for coming up with the colors and then naming the colors was all over the place for my current collection. I knew what general colors I wanted in my first collection, (light pink, oxblood, purple, etc) but it took time to find the right hues and tones. Basically, I would scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest, and if a color in a photo jumped out at me, I’d copy and paste the entire image into Illustrator and use the eyedropper tool to grab the hue from it that I wanted. So like, #Slay’s purple hue came from a photo of a gorgeous purple clutch that I found on Pinterest, and Nip Slip’s color inspiration came from a photo of lipstick from Tumblr.

For my first color lineup, it was really important to me to offer colors that are unique and on-trend right now, (Feeling Fuego, Café Con Leche, Black Like My Soul, Champagne Mami, etc) or innovations of colors that I know people love to wear. For example, taupes are really in right now, but every taupe I buy is either a tad too brown or a tad too purpley grey for my liking. I kept this in mind while creating Café Con Leche, and I think it’s safe to say that this color is jussst the right hue of taupe that’s not too brown and not too grey.

The naming process for the lacquers was a lot of fun, but also kind of stressful because I wanted to hit a home run with each one. I of course needed to have a handful of Miami inspired names (Brickell BlueFeeling FuegoPetite Palm, Café Con Leche), but then I also wanted to have names that were pop culture references so that 20-somethings could look at a color like Miley Whats Good and immediately say “aha! I get it.” There are some other more subtle references in the collection (can you guess what 2015 pop culture phenomenon inspired the name Tied Down?) but every single color has a slightly different story for how it was named.

3. Name a celebrity you would like to see wearing your lacquer?

I love Gigi Hadid’s and Kendall Jenner’s styles, and I need them to discover Nip Slip and Tied Down. Oh, and I adore Zendaya too. Anna Kendrick too tho. I also love Laverne Cox…. and can we consider Sophia Amoruso a business celeb? Kickass boss women are inspirations, and I’d die if any of these ladies wore my lacquer while running their empires.

4. Who is someone that has influenced your style both in fashion and beauty? And in what way did they influence you? 

I don’t really have particular people that I look to for fashion and beauty inspiration, and I think that living in New York for a summer is what really influenced my sense of style and gave me the confidence to wear dramatic nail polish colors. I grew up in a western Maryland town where wearing anything out of the ordinary will cause people stare at you in a “what planet did that person come from” kind of way, which wasn’t exactly a nurturing environment for fashion risk-takers. College in Virginia felt similarly to this, so my sense of style was more on the conservative side for most of high school into my undergrad. Then, I lived in NYC for a summer.

New York is an amazing place for fashion because no one cares what you wear in that city. You can wear whatever outrageous outfit that you want, and no one in the street will give you a second glance. I spent my summer there thrifting and experimenting with different looks, and when I went back to college in the fall, I felt like a new person in my new wardrobe. I definitely stuck out at first in my handmade crop tops, pleather leggings, and bright purple nail polish, but at that point I was over stressing about what other people thought about my appearance. Having confidence in my personal style gave me the confidence to start my own nail lacquer line, and I owe New York for that.

5. Knowing that you were inspired by architecture when creating your line, which building in Miami is your favorite? 

So many to pick from, but I have to say that I love love love the McAlpin and Hotel Breakwater on Ocean Drive. But honestly, all of the vintage South Beach buildings are so freaking unique that it’s hard to find one that I wouldn’t want to draw on a nail polish box.

6. Name 5 apps you can't live without.

Instagram (obviously), VSCO, Snapchat, Shazam, and Stop (it’s a game that I’m currently addicted to!). I’m boring when it comes to apps… I’m honestly on insta all day.

7. Which colors in the Deco Miami line are your favorite? 

Nip Slip, Café Con Leche, Male Tears, and then Tied Down for when I’m in the mood for a darker color.

8. What do you do on your days off?

“Day off”? What’s that? Kidding, (sort of…) I go to the beach with my sudoku puzzle book, or I wander around department stores to look at how the designers are putting colors together for the season. Add coffee into the equation, and it becomes a perfect afternoon!

9. Two favorite spots (to eat) in Miami?

Bodega Taqueria and Tequila and Nexxt Cafe in South Beach!! Both are within walking distance of my office, thank god! Bodega has the most amazing tacos I’ve ever had in my life (I don’t really like tacos but I could have Bodega’s tacos every day of the week) and Nexxt Cafe has the biggest and most delicious salads in South Beach. I have to try any salad with a ginger dressing, and Nexxt has one with mangos and pears and wontons and I’m drooling just thinking about it.

10. What's your favorite thing about Miami and what makes this city so special to you?

Miami’s creative community is absolutely amazing, and it’s so awesome to constantly be meeting other people who are passionate about making things, whether it’s art, a blog, a business, etc. Everyone is so excited to network and collaborate, and this environment is amazing for entrepreneurs because we’re all genuinely happy to help each other out. When someone asks you “what do you do?” it’s not just small talk, it’s the Miami way of saying “let’s figure out how to work on something together.” Case in point, this blog interview! Miami people make things happen.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jules (aka my new bff)! And seriously Bodega has AMAZING tacos! PS. If you like the photos and wanna have your own session then contact me! www.bellamentephotography.com



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