Brow Oh My! #browgamemiami


Bushy, hairy, wild and thick; thin, sparse or barely there. These are some words that describe the different types of eyebrows out there.Eyebrows are said to be what shape our face, and in many instances we've seen the hilarious photoshopped images of our favorite celebs with no eyebrows which prove that eyebrows are really important. Eyebrow trends have changed from decade to decade and I'd like to think that we are living in the best brow decade so far (INSTYLE has a cool article with different brow muses throughout the decades, personally Audrey Hepburn is my #browgoals). I always loved big bushy brows, probably because as a child I was the one with the unibrow. I can thank good genes for that! (haha) But to be completely honest I never felt ashamed of having big brows. My sister had beautiful big brows, and now my little baby girl has amazing brows (for an 8 month old anyway) too!

And just like hair finding the perfect person to groom and tame those brows is no easy journey. It's almost like finding a prince charming, you gotta kiss a few (or many) frogs to find the perfect one! In my case I've gone through my fair share of "brow ladies" but I'm so happy to have finally found my brow gal! In comes in Adria, she is a brow master who goes by the name Brow Game Miami (#browgamemiami)


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I actually found out about her through my nail salon (@sensesbeautylounge) They are also super amazing and personally my favorite nail salon in West Kendall. You can't beat how amazingly chic the place is and how good their prices are! Anyway, she is amazing and so sweet and I wanted to share with you guys my before and after.

BB_2388 BB_2390BB_2385

Adria used a wax product that peels off with no strips, I had no experience with that particular type of wax and honestly it was a little scary at first because when she applied the wax under my brow to clean up the little hairs I felt this weird hot feeling, I'm guessing it was the fact that I had never had that type of wax on me. The wax is a little bit thicker because it is a peel off wax, but after that odd feeling was gone and she peeled it off I was perfectly fine! I usually always have redness on my skin after a normal wax and that didn't happen to me at all. It's a really fast process and Adria is a super pro at brows so I definitely recommend you go visit her for your brow needs! Honestly, after Adria waxed my brows, I don't really need to shape them so I just fill them in to give them color and to fill in any bald spot I have. You can find Adria at Senses Beauty Lounge in Kendall and on Instagram @browgamemiami

If you have any brow tips for me make sure to leave them down below and if you have any questions then leave those below as well!