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Goodbye, I whispered.
Thinking that I could abandon the one thing that felt real.
I was running, or at least I was trying to.
I had packed up my bags and was ready to go.
But a vision of love and wonder woke up my soul.
I stopped.
I knew I had to pursue the dream that I once had.
So I woke up from the dream and decided to run
towards it. 

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Plastic Soul

Week 5 - Plastic Soul 

We are perfect girls. 
With our diamonds and cigarettes. 
We project confidence and poise. 
We have everything we need and more.
We are plastic souls. 
We do not feel. 
Nothing is real. 

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Terribly Real

It's a little after 11pm, I'm sitting at home on a Saturday night, listening to Katy Perry; I am content and discontent at the same time. 
When I decided to start blogging, I told myself that this would be where I wouldn't be afraid to speak out and do it with pure honesty. 
So here is a life rant from me; the pain I feel sometimes isn't because there's something's wrong with me, it's because there's something wrong with this world. 

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