Shop Versona!

May 14, 2015

This month Versona opened a new location in Miami!
I was invited to check out the store and gifted a $25 dollar gift card to shop so I was super excited to visit the store AND I'm also going to be giving a lucky reader a gift card to shop in store OR online! 

First of all, I was so impressed with the size of the store, I honestly did not expect a HUGE store, plus the shopping mall where it's located is quite new so there's also tons of other stores, like my personal favorite Target (where you can go after or before your Versona trip!), there's also a Panera, so I was really impressed with the location! 

As soon as I walked in, I was again very impressed by the amount of merchandise the store had, the gorgeous chandeliers and bright lighting made the experience better for me as well, there's something about a bright store that gets me really excited to shop!

I have to say that there was so many pieces that I picked up and could not decide what to get and so I ended up getting a simple denim dress, because I've been dying for one lately and the one I got is a super light material, I'll be shooting it soon so you'll be able to see it! 

I would definitely recommend Miami locals to give this store a visit, I'll leave the address below as well as the website where you can find the online store as well as other locations scattered all over the U.S! 



Fountain Square

10001 West Flagler Street (near Target)

This dress really caught my attention, isn't the pattern mixing crazy cool?

 My bf took this picture! LOL. 

My bf took this picture! LOL. 

I want to thank Shop Versona for the invitation and gift card which will go out to a lucky reader! 
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