My Review: Rocksbox!

A few months ago, I was contacted by Rocksbox, a monthly subscription service that sends jewelry straight to your mailbox! 

Before I get into my personal review of the service I'd like to give you a simple run down on how it works! 


  • Take the style survey and sign up! You can get your first month FREE of charge when you enter the code: andreaxoxo2
  • Each box includes 3 pieces of jewelry, custom picked for you! 
  • The pieces are sent out on a loan but once you're a member you get a huge discount, so if you love the piece, you can keep it for a lower price! 
  • Monthly Membership is $19 but you get $200 of jewelry in each box to wear and you can send the box back as MANY times as you like during the month! So it's unlimited! 
 House of Harlow 1960 - Thin Arrow Bangle in Black and Gold

House of Harlow 1960 - Thin Arrow Bangle in Black and Gold

  Gorjana  - Mesa Ring

Gorjana - Mesa Ring

  Urban Gem  - Victoria Necklace

Urban Gem - Victoria Necklace

While I am a girly girl and shopping is my one true addiction, shopping for jewelry is not my strong suit, so when I found out about Rocksbox, I was thrilled! 
I am super simplistic when it comes to accessories but I also love statement pieces and what better way to accessorize an outfit I've spent hours and hours putting together! 
It's super easy to be able to go to the mail and open your little box and boom, you got that part out of the way. 
I was horrible at returning my Rocksbox but its really easy, your box comes with a return label and a new bag to return the box! 
There's really no excuse to not return that box at least twice a month and get goodies delivered straight to your mailbox at anytime!

Giving feedback on your pieces is also really easy and can be done online. 
I wish there was a clothes service similar to this one, or something like it! 

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed my honest opinion on this service and keep a lookout for other pieces I've been sent in future outfit posts! 

Happy Monday!