Trending Tuesday | Pastel Coats

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Fall and winter are right around the corner and though Miami won't really experience much of these two seasons, that's not reason enough for me to not get excited about FALL fashion! 
The trend which I am calling "Pastel Coats" is so exciting to me because it is a mix of my favorite seasons, Spring & Autumn! Being a pastel lover myself, I can picture myself this Autumn running around in floral and pastel coats, the days that get even slightly cold here. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I love Miami weather, but times like these make me wish it dropped to at least 40 degrees, anything past that, I'm out. 
See the trend below and some of my favorites! 

East Concept Fashion Ltd Creative Consultant Coat • $149.99

Biba Vintage floral print coat • Biba • $950.00

And the splurge coat but I would die for this one. 

As you can tell most of the coats are from Missguided, I tried to keep the coats as affordable as possible, especially when you won't be able to wear them for more than 5 days in a year like us Miami girls! 

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