Immortalized & Fading

 Immortalized & Fading - Week 18 

Immortalized & Fading - Week 18 

To think that it's been 18 weeks that I've been doing this is a bit insane, I technically should be on 20 or 22 but that't not really what this project is about. I could upload every week and have photos because I'm a photographer, it's not impossible, but the whole idea of this project was to grow with it and I feel that I have done just that. 

Lately, life has been very hectic and I feel like I'm always saying that but it's always a journey and not an easy one at that. I aim to incorporate my own emotions in my personal work, especially in my self portraits. I want to remember what I was feeling at the time, my goal is to immortalize them and myself. As a photographer I live immortalizing moments and people; it's not always an easy thing to do, especially when making personal work. There are so many emotions that run through me and I want to make sure I can capture that in an honest way.
We as people live for the moments we'll remember forever, but I wonder so much about what will happen when we're gone and all of our memories fade away.
This photograph was inspired very much by a painting by the famous painter Mark Rothko, whose work you should seriously look into if you're not familiar with him. His work is so oddly inspiring to me and so is his story, but when conceptualizing this image, in the stages of post production, I wanted to beyond the photograph and then I started to realize how I was fading away. The brush stroke effect could have completely covered my appearance, it could have concealed my character completely. 
I wanted my expression to be as calm as possible, to feel relaxed and serene. And so, like a painting, this photograph will fade away. And like in life, so will I and all the memories I've made. 
The real question is, what will I immortalize? What will I leave behind? 
And I guess you could ask yourself the same questions. Just some food for thought. 

I hope you all enjoyed the image. Thank you for reading!

yours truly,