Part Of Me

 Week 9 

Week 9 

All I feel is darkness.
I never get to shine anymore.
People think I'm hiding on my own.

Do this, be that, say this, think that.
Everyone wants a piece of me.
I just want to be free. 
I just want to be me.

My story behind the photo:
This photo is something I've had in my mind for a while now, I've always had the concept but a different idea, because it is so close to impossible to actually put a lot of time into shooting, I decided to go with a very simple idea. This image has a very personal connection with me because it's something I have dealt with for years and I am finally talking about it, exposing myself and not being afraid. Thank god for good lighting! 

I have always been very confident in who I am, I have always put a lot of effort into how I look simply because I love the way it makes me feel. I don't truly feel awake until I have at least some make up on, just like you might need that cup of coffee. I don't feel like myself and it's not because I think I'm ugly or because I'm insecure. Sure, I have my insecure days, but who doesn't? I grew up around parents who just always looked nice, and I hate that theres this misconception that you're shallow or even stuck up if you put the slightest effort into your appearance. 

It irritates me to the absolutely max when someone doesn't believe I'm a feminist because I look nice, it's so frustrating to get put down for looking nice AND feeling good about it. 
I think that because I have such thick skin, comments made by other people including my "friends" have never bothered me but I am a tough cookie so I can't imagine what other girls out there must feel. 
Today, make up is a HUGE industry, I think more than ever, girls and boys all around the world are wearing make up and I just can't stand the fact that this is something other people think we (the make up community) should feel ashamed about. 
I respect people who don't wear make up, who don't know what's "in", people who don't even brush their hair. You can look beautiful and be beautiful without all these things but the fact that I choose to spend an hour on my make up every day, doesn't make me less of a person, or less beautiful. 
Putting this picture out there is pretty intimidating, just because I never leave the house without make up, it almost feels wrong but I have also learned to moderate myself and be more conformable in my own skin. 
And so, I propose that we all just stop shaming others for their hobbies and obsessions and we focus on ourselves and our wellbeing!

yours truly,