Plastic Soul


At the beginning of the year, I decided to embark on what many photographer's call "The 52 Week Project", this project is usually self portraits but it's not limited to just that. I decided to make it a mix of creative portraits and self portraits just because I know myself, I know that sometimes it's hard to make time for self portraits; I also am not a self portrait photographer so it's really a challenge. 

It is now Week 5, or was. 

Week 5 - Plastic Soul 

We are perfect girls.
With our diamonds and cigarettes. 
We project confidence and poise. 
We have everything we need and more.
We are plastic souls. 
We do not feel. 
Nothing is real. 


I have also decided to incorporate some writing with the photos, since now they will be posted here as well as on my website. I feel that sometimes a description is too much, I would like people to make their own assumptions and opinions of the photo I am sharing, but I will of course also include the personal relevance. 

My story behind the photo:
t happens many times that people will assume that I live such a glamorous life, that my life is perfect; though I am extremely blessed, everyone, and I mean everyone has their own battles and demons. I feel that many people don't see past my appearance and while I am a confident girl, I have my weaknesses and as an artist I struggle a lot with emotions, but people see no depth to me, not right away. 
It's always really amusing when people reveal that I am nothing like what they thought I would be; it always happens. 

And so this photo represents that, what people see, the surface. 
Next time you assume that anyone's life is perfect, look a little deeper, because it's most likely not. 

Yours truly, 


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