Sunset Dreams

Life isn't always a walk in the park, we often find ourselves in need of some peace and quiet. Eventually living stressful lives gets to you. I am no stranger to stress, if anything we're like best friends. And as horrible as that sounds, I sometimes feel like I wouldn't be able to keep going, if I wasn't living on a bit of an edge. Maybe I'm a masochist but I love a challenge.

However, finding a place like this one in Miami was wonderful, these photos were absolutely not planned but my boyfriend really wanted to show me this park and thank goodness I had my camera handy! 
Anyway, here's Fall in Miami for you, gotta say this is one of my favorite dresses, it always makes me feel so comfortable, girly and flirty.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy a photo of this odd looking duck I took! 

 Isn't it a beauty though?

Isn't it a beauty though?

Okay, although I'm not a selfie addict anymore, I couldn't resist buying this pair! It's just funny and ironic in a way ;)

Nasty Gal Floral Dress (old) 
Selfie Ring & Necklace {SIMILAR}
Necessary Clothing Ice Queen Pumps (SOLD OUT)