Beauty For Real

Holiday season is nearing and this is the perfect time to pull out all your red shades, whether its lipstick, nail polish or even eye shadow. Sometimes I think I'm the only one girl that only likes wearing red during holiday season. Excuse me but I'm that peculiar. 

This holiday season I'll be doing a couple of different tutorials and reviews that will help guide your beauty choices for the holidays. Picking the perfect look for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years is crucial for me, so I'll be exploring different ones! This is just a short review and demo but a full face tutorial incorporating these products will come soon! 


I started this simple look with the Miracle Mascara from Beauty For Real and I am not lying, it is miraculous! The design of the brush is perfect for girls whose lashes don't curl on its own. The formula is quite thin and doesn't clump. And the best part of this mascara? It has a built in light! 
How many times have you been stuck on your way to a party or an event and had to bother the driver to turn on their car light? Well no more of that with this discrete built in light, its quite perfect for applications on the go and where there isn't enough light. 

I am applying Very Black c/o of Beauty For Real, mascara with a built in light. 
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(Thanks Beauty For Real)


The after is pretty impressive and the light can be used even during the day!
I absolutely love how my eyelashes looked after applying a few coats of mascara, I really love that this mascara is easy to build, giving you control of it's strength. 


Finding the perfect red lipstick is as hard as finding the perfect boyfriend, often impossible. Today I am so excited to be showing you one of my favorite red shades for the holidays. And while there are many shades of red I would recommend, there's really no shade that offers easy packaging like this one and one so versatile. 

Beauty For Real's Infra Red is the perfect lip shade to have in your make up bag this season, not only because it also has a built in mirror and light but because its a lip cream. 
Lip creams are my favorite type of lip products because they are easy to apply, last longer than the usual lipstick, and the color payoff is usually much better. 

Here I am applying 'Infra Red' c/o Beauty For Real.
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(Thanks Beauty For Real)

This is the final result! SO easy to apply, and will go perfectly with soft eyes or a smokey! 
I'll be back next week with a video tutorial on how to wear this lip creme for the holidays!