Thoughtful Thursday: 1989

Why I Love & Loathe Taylor Swift's New Album


This week, Taylor Swift, a girl who has been playing on my iPod (because thats what I had) for years, many before she even hit the mainstream media, released what she describes as her first "pop album". Before she became the mega star she is today, her romantic country tunes took over my heart and I fell in love. And while I continued loving Taylor beyond my teenage years, and after attending 3 dates of her 'Speak Now' tour, something happened and I almost disconnected. 
I still bought 'Red' when it came out and absolutely loved it, it may be my favorite album of hers but that's not easy to decide when it comes to her music. 
And when she announced 1989, I was so nervous, it's as if I almost knew that I wasn't going to be 100% satisfied, not that everyone always is but my love for her depended on it. 
When she released 'Shake It Off', I hated it, I couldn't stand it.
After a few plays, I finally gave into it. Darn it, Taylor writes some catchy tunes. 

And so, October 27 rolled around and I calmly drove to target and picked up a copy. 
The first play of the album didn't go well. I was excited and then extremely disappointed. 
My friend advised I should give it another try or 3. 

And then it happened, all the lyrics that I found childish and the odd "talking-singing" that was happening all of a sudden became - okay.

And so I bring you the best and the worst (in my opinion) of 1989, as a Swiftie and a realist. 

(You can actually listen to each song by clicking on the link. VIA TUMBLR) 

1. Welcome To New York

2. Blank Space

3. Style

4. Out Of The Woods

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay

6. Shake It Off

7. I Wish You Would

8. Bad Blood

9. Wildest Dreams

10. How You Get The Girl

11. This Love

12. I Know Places

13. Clean

14. Wonderland

15. You Are In Love

16. New Romantics


1. Welcome To New York
This might be my favorite song from the whole album. At first I couldn't really connect with it but I really enjoyed the beat and then it hit me. This song is about a new journey and embracing change.
I also love that she kind of declares herself an ally of LGBT in the line: 
"And you can want who you want | Boys and boys and girls and girls."
(Yay for supporting everyones rights!) 

2. Blank Space
This song is somewhat darker than the first but it's a fun and very honest song. It's about seeing someone new and envisioning what could happen in the future while also keeping in mind that she has a dark past with her ex lovers.
My favorite line is: " Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream." 

3. Style 
I freaking love this song, it's really different sound wise from what she's ever released and the lyrics are again quite dark and honest. The song is somewhat nostalgic, at least I can really relate to feeling that way.
Favorite line: "And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt."
(I also thought it sounded a lot like a Nick Jonas song! Lol) 

4. Out Of The Woods
Has a really powerful sounding chorus and overall has an indie feel, it almost reminds me of "Long Live" from Speak Now. 

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
This is definitely a pop song and almost the typical break up song but her voice sounds great in the chorus. Overall I think Taylor has amazing choruses. 

9. Wildest Dreams
This is another darker song, which I have heard people are comparing to something that the dreamy Lana Del Rey would create and I have to disagree completely. This tune sounds nothing like LDR, I'm not sure Taylor could ever be that haunting. This song however is etherial and dreamy, something LDR often isn't. 

I also like Wonderland, Clean, New Romantics. 

Honestly after 5, it's hard for me to say that the songs are consistently great, I feel this album can be split into two parts
"Dark and Deep" and  "I'm a 14 year old girl."
And honestly that might be the issue I have with this album. 
I'm no longer that teenage girl and have become quite picky with my music and I often search for songs have can really sink into my soul, songs I can't quite depict quickly. 

I simply adore Taylor and will forever be a Swiftie but this album is nowhere near a favorite, although the packing was genius.

Taylor managed to create an album EVERYONE liked and that leads me to this question:
Because majority of the world loves this album does that simply mean that she made something of amazing quality? 
I'm not sure. I think she made something likable but not necessarily different and life changing. I think she's trying to fit into "pop" when she was clearly doing so well, standing out. 

Those are my thoughts on the album and I might be "reviewing" another album soon!

In the meantime if you are looking for an awesome new album, Leighton Meester (I know shocking) also released her first album title "Heartstrings" this October 27th and it worth so many listens! It's already on Spotify so go ahead and listen!