What's your Motto?

When we're little, we're all told we're beautiful and we almost don't really understand what that means, because we think everyone is beautiful. 
And the one day, that innocence is no longer there, it's slowly faded away with every experience that helped us mature. 
When I was in middle school, I had a handful of experiences with bullies, aka, mean girls who can't wrap their mind around you not liking a certain shoe brand or you sporting colorful earrings. And although I was lucky to have not been bullied into something unfortunate, I still believe in rallying for those who did. 
Girls can be really mean, words hurt. Mental abuse is a thing. 
I don't always know how, and thinking back the things those girls did were cruel, not just mean but I also remember being a 13 year old without fear, without anger, without sadness. 
I was filled with strength, positivity and still a little bit of innocence. 
I didn't fight with my bullies, but I didn't avoid them either; I made sure to always let them know that I wasn't hurt by their actions and words. I always help up my head high and put on a smile, and I meant it. 

Today's look brings me joy because Le Motto is a beautiful company, empowering women to live out all these different mottos. 

And while being bullied probably never stops, especially when your image is your career/hobby, well then I guess it's just safe to say "haters gonna hate."

And on a serious note, I'm really tired and frustrated with society's standard of beauty and the girls that give into it, the girls that sell their soul away just so a couple of empty souls can tell them they're pretty. Beauty comes from the inside and then radiates to the outside. When you give good, you get good.
And you can be the most beautiful girl on earth but if your personality and soul don't match, then what's all that beauty worth?
In the end, looks fade, hearts don't. 

So next time someone says something negative or derogatory, throw them a smile and turn the other way, go for a walk and think about all the wonderful things you bring to the table and how lucky you are to be where you are today. 

PS. Sorry for the lengthy post but topics like these get me really excited/wordy! :)
Love you all! 

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