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With Fall fashion being all around, it's been really hard these last couple of days to get dressed, my heart is telling me knit sweaters and boots but the weather is telling me flats and sundresses.
Living in Florida, Miami to be specific, is really difficult and I think a lot of bloggers should be commended for wearing all the fall/winter things they get sent, because most of the time it's 80 degrees. I know because I've shot quite a handful. And while blogging seems really glamorous and easy, that's not always the case. Unless you're Gary Pepper or Kayture. 

Any who! 
Tonight, I am bringing you this look I wore to a concert last week. I was so excited to see one of my favorite bands, CHVRCHES. If you don't know them and like electronic/dance music, you definitely have to check them out, believe me they are really different and fun! 

The night prior to the concert I attended the Concrete Runway pop up shop and joined other bloggers and got to shop their online pieces in person. The event was small but so wonderful. The girls of Concrete Runway were so lovely! So of course, I can't leave a pop up shop without an outfit and I really needed one for the concert. I fell in love with this pink knit top and your basic pleather skirt. I paired it with my new (and super comfy) Primadonna booties!
(I know I haven't mentioned it yet but I'm actually a campus ambassador for them and I'm really excited! You can enter ABMiami10 for some $$$ off your order!) 

This look was as Fall as I could do, the night was pretty humid but the concert was more than amazing! 

yours truly,

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