Lookbook I

I ♡ Mickey 


So here goes....my first outfit post! 

I am extremely excited for this first 'lookbook' for various reasons. It was a bit spontaneous but I was so impressed how my little (14 year old) sister captured me, of course with my direction as to what kind of shots I wanted, but the fact that she did so well really surprised me! 
Another reason I am extremely excited is because this outfit features Mickey Mouse! 

I pulled this outfit together surrounding the awesome Mickey Mouse leotard (yes, it's a leotard and it is SUPER comfy!) from Forever 21, actually everything in this outfit is from Forever 21, which I love because it makes this outfit extremely affordable! I am a really big fan of black and you will see that later on with each post, but I just love how classic and flattering black is. It also got a little chilly in Miami and so I decided that the black tights and boots would go perfectly with my outfit! And lastly I added the pink heart ring for a pop of color!

Sunglasses from Gojane
Mickey Mouse Leotard from Forever 21
Black skirt from Forever 21
Boots from Forever 21
Purse from Forever 21 

(click on the image below to see the slideshow)