My Wynwood Food Adventure


I'm so excited to share this post because it is my first foodie adventure for the blog!As anyone who knows me can tell you, I love to eat, and not just any type of food but I am a gal with demanding tastebuds. I'm not really sure where my love for expensive and high quality food came from but I blame it on myself actually, the places my friends and I visited the most are restaurants.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a tour of my choice from Miami Culinary Tours and it was a hard pick, I have previously been on the Little Havana tour with Kelly (from and I went on that tour about 7 months pregnant (see Kelly's post here!) and not gonna lie that walk was hard on me. (Lol) But this time around I didn't have to worry about a heavy belly and decided that Wynwood was the place to visit.

After some months of being cooped up at home with my little one, I decided I needed to get back out on the scene and enjoy some art, after all what goes better with food than art? (Very few things like bed + food but if that's out of the picture then I'll take some art on the side with my meal!)

We were told to meet in front of the Wynwood walls and there our amazing and hilarious tour guide Mirka, educated us on the history of Wynwood and the artists who contributed to the each current wall.

As someone who frequents Wynwood, I saw a lot of new murals and that's what I find so great about wynwood but it's a bittersweet feeling, on one hand you gain new beautiful walls and on the other you might lose a favorite, but hey that's art for you!

The day started out beautiful and bright, a perfect Miami day to go exploring and the food tour started at one of my favorite places in Wynwood, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. This place has the best tapas and cocktails, in my opinion.

What I loved about the Wynwood food tour the most is the amount of restaurants on the list, every tour visits 5 places but Wynwood has the most restaurants in the tour so you never know where you're gonna end up and what new things you're gonna try! I honestly need to go on this tour again to experience more restaurants.


The next place was about a block away from the Wynwood Walls, an "authentic Mexican" place called Coyo Taco. Where we had really yummy tacos but not quite what I would think authentic Mexican tacos are like. The tacos were served with CACTUS and it was the weirdest texture ever, just looking at them made me feel weird so I ate them sans the cacti. But needless to say they were very tasty!

After tacos and margaritas, we took off to explore what the tour guide described as "the best local galleries". In most art galleries, we weren't allowed to photograph inside but I suggest any time you visit Wynwood, that you, yourself explore the open galleries. Here is a painting that I really liked.

NEXT STOP: J. Wakefield Brewing

The next place we visited had a really cool wall and overall feel, the inside was what I call a nerd's dream, the owners favorite movie is Star Wars and so it was playing and they had tons of star wars decor. This place is known for it's in house brewing, which I can confirm, is very well done!

We tried different beers and believe me, they were really yummy. (Yes, I am a beer gal, not wine.)


After we decided to get going and do some more walking, because yes, you do walk quite a bit, and on our way to our next stop, we spotted the artist at work, then our tour guide started talking about how she follows these street artists and then she came to realize that the one working was ABSTRK, one of her favorites and then had a fan girl moment, it was REALLY cute.

Then as you can see, everyone started talking to him and asking for selfies AND he said he couldn't tell us for who the wall was for but that it was for a recording artist. A week ago, I saw that Justin Bieber had posted a collage of walls all over the country in promotion for his new album, AND YEP. This is one of them!

NEXT STOP: JIMMY'Z Kitchen Wynwood

So pretty before but it must be squished to be enjoyed to the fullest!

At Jimmyz kitchen, our tour guide spoke of it's famous mofongo. This dish is from Puerto Rico and it's made of fried green plantain and chicken. It was my first time trying it and I loved it! Probably my favorite dish on the tour.


This was truly the sweetest way to end the tour, I normally am not a fan of key lime pie but I have to say that fireman Derek knows how make some pie. We were tempted to try more pie but after the tour we were truly stuffed.

I hope you all enjoyed this super long post but I hope it was fun and that it seemed like you came along with me!