Dating 101: My dating tips + a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!


Image by As young girls, most of us dream about finding the one. We are constantly bombarded with fairytales and stories of people who are meant to be. Some people spend the whole lives waiting or looking for the perfect match. But what would happen if you were put in a house with your perfect match? What if finding your match was as easy as picking 1 out of 10? And what if you and your match had the chance to win 1 million dollars just by finding each other? I recently started watching Are You The One on MTV and I have to say I'm hooked! (Watch the trailer here!) #AYTO focuses on 20 people, 10 males, 10 females living in Hawaii trying to find their perfect match. Every episode they have the chance to get to know one another, while also going through a series of challenges to help them find their match. The winning couple also has a chance to take 1 million dollars with them! Every Wednesday when there is a new episode you can play along by answering some questions about the show and if you win you'll be entered to win a trip to Hawaii! The odds are in your favor since winning one episode gives you 1/20 chance to win that trip, so don't forget to play every Wednesday at 10/9c.

It's really interesting to see how each person, especially the females have struggled with dating in the past and that's what I really enjoy about this show. Even though it is reality TV, it's also based on something good, the will and hope to find true love. Not only is the show about bringing people who are potentially meant to be together but it's also a good reminder that dating isn't as easy as we wished it was.

And so today I wanted to share my top 10 dating tips! Even if I'm no expert myself, over the years of dating, I've learned a thing or two!

Today’s post is sponsored by MTV, but my love for their show “Are You The One?” is all my own!

My top 10 dating tips

1. Be Honest

Being honest is super important in my book. Not only is it the right thing do but it also makes dating easier. Whether it's being honest about your past or being honest about your current feelings; being honest will save you a lot of heartache.

2. Be Yourself

It's not fun to be into someone who pretends to be one thing and then to realize that they've been faking it all along. It's understandable to want to impress others but it's not acceptable to completely change who you are. Plus you want to be with someone who likes the REAL you, so be genuine!

3. Give Chances

There's many times when we judge other's immediately, first impressions tend to do that for us but many of the times we're wrong. It's okay to give someone who you're not "in love" with from the very first moment of meeting. Not only does it save you from 'what if's' but you could end up being really pleasantly surprised!

4. Take Things Slow

It's very rare to find your true love and know within a week, so take things slow. There's nothing wrong with taking your time to enjoy your relationship and to get to know your partner better!

5. Let Things Flow

Some people are very Type A, even when it comes to their relationships, and while its perfectly fine to have goals and timelines, relationships are something you can't really control. If things are going great but not necessarily lining up with your timeline then let it be! You could potentially harm a good thing because you're being controlling.

6. Take Chances

Just like I advised you to give chances to others, don't forget to also take them! Does your significant other want to spontaneously go on a romantic trip? Do it! Appreciate the little things you don't see coming and take a chance!

7. Be Patient

If you're following tip #4 then you'll also need to follow this one. If you've been dating someone for a long time and you don't really feel things going to the next level it's easy to wonder what's wrong or where you're headed. However if you know the relationship is strong and the love is present, just be patient! I can't tell you how many times I've heard girls complaining about being with a guy for so long and freaking themselves out only to find themselves engaged a month later. Be patient, it's worth it in the long run!

8. Be Open

Being honest is one thing but you also need to be open. Open to new experiences, new people, new feelings and a new world overall. When you keep an open mind and heart, it'll be much easier to transition into whatever it is you're diving in!

9. Trust Your S.O.

Trust. Trust. Trust. A relationship is really nothing without trust, so this really is a must. (oh, I rhymed, haha) but in all seriousness, you can't build a strong bond with someone if you're always questioning their motives or actions, plain and simple.

10. Don't Get Caught Up

And my last and most important tip is to not get caught up in the perfectness of things. Sure we're all spoon fed fairytales since we're young but as we grow up, we have to grow out of that. I'm not saying lose the romantics but know that not every relationship is a fairytale. Every couple is perfect in their own way and don't let society set what the standard of perfect is for your relationship! Only you can do that, and when you do, always remember that perfect doesn't equal HAPPY.

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to check out Are You The One, Wednesdays on MTV. Tweet me who you think is the perfect match and I'll share who I'm rooting for! (Watch EP 1 here).