My Hair Care Transformation


Okay, let's talk hair.A couple of weeks ago I was sent these two products by Influenster for testing and I was really excited! It was sad for me to finally acknowledge the fact that my good hair days had suddenly been stripped away after my pregnancy ended. Now, I've always had pretty nice hair, despite the horrible things I've done it (bleaching, miami heat damage and the occasional curling sessions) but after my pregnancy ended it seemed to completely lack life. So naturally, seeing this repairing system show up at my doorstep was more than exciting! I wanted to give it a try for a few weeks so that I could share my honest opinion and I'm ready to share with you all my experience.

Products I'm mentioning: (1) Kerastase Resistance SOIN PREMIER THÉRAPISTE (Retails: $20- $40) (2) Kerastase Resistance BAIN THERAPISTE (Retails: $20- $40)

At first, I was also really looking forward to trying the "condition before shampooing method" which is exactly what this system is. You condition before shampooing, I read somewhere that it's supposed to make the whole cleansing process softer on your hair, after all we know that when we clean (shampoo) we are stripping our hair of it's natural oils and sometimes this can cause more damage than good, which is why most hairstylists advise you to NOT wash your hair daily. The last time I asked a hair stylist about the frequency of my washes he said TWICE a week and I just couldn't believe it, I'm all for not washing my hair daily but that was a hard challenge and well pregnancy made it easier (even now washing my hair is a mission) but nonetheless I love the feeling of clean hair. I applied a handful of conditioner and ran it mostly through my tips, only applying a small amount of it on near my scalp (in order to not make it oilier). And then came the shampooing part, at first I was really confused and SO tempted to add more conditioner after BUT I resisted and have been following through with the exact instructions of the repair system and for me, it's worked. My favorite thing about the shampoo is that it smells like parsley, I KNOW what you're thinking. You like the smell of veggies on your hair? Weirdo! But yes! At first the smell was really odd to me but the more I used the shampoo, the more I felt good about it, the consistency of the shampoo is also another thing that at first freaked me out and then with time, I've learned to love it. It's thick and almost gel like but it CLEANS my hair like no other shampoo has. The only con about this system would be the price for me. Having only used this system for two weeks, 2-3 times a week, I have to say that I've used more than half of each bottle. I'm not sure if it's because I'm used to my shampoos and conditioners lasting me months (hello family size!) but that's really the only issue I have with the products.

Other than that, I've enjoyed using these products more than any shampoo + conditioner I've tried before and I definitely recommend you check them out if you're looking to revamp your hair care routine.

If you'd like to read more on the benefits of these products then make sure to click here!

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