Goodbye 2015, Hello New Year!



Looking back I've noticed that as I get older, time only seems to be going by faster and faster. This year was a speedy roller-coaster of ups and downs. Regardless of the obstacles I faced this year, there were so many amazing and happy moments for me and I couldn't be more excited for the future.

One of the biggest things that happened in my life this year was becoming a mom, and even though I announced it quite late (literally 5 days before she was born), it's truly a title I now carry so proudly. I am so humbled and lucky to be June's mom and she has already taught me so much in the short amount of time she's been with me.

This year was also especially hard and while I choose not to dwell on the bad and focus on the positive, I can honestly say that there is nothing life puts us through that we cannot handle. I have always told myself that things need to get worse before they get better and this year that is something I constantly reminded myself of; having June and my partner beside me also gave me a lot of strength and courage to keep my head high and keep moving forward.

When it comes to my career this year, I had to take a little hiatus and I also had to deal with creative block but I also had the pleasure to photograph and work with some amazing people, as always my clients are truly the best and I was able to do some really fun things year when it comes to my photography. I hope in the upcoming year to rebrand my business and move in a different direction. I want to shoot more genuine, real, amazing and inspiring people as well as work with other artists and keep creating! (Highlights in photography: Work with a variety of Fashion Bloggers, including a blogger who flew down from NYC!, Shoot a Bailey's Event, and Shoot TWO Art Basel Events for Don Julio! I also had an amazing experience assisting shooting a wedding and it was the most fun I had in months!)

Personally, I am so proud to have been a lot more consistent with this blog; it's a little hard because I'm really running a one woman show while being a mom and also running a business; I'm not saying it's impossible but I think it's just taken time to get used to. I think I've gotten a hang of it and I'm so excited to create more and work with more brands in 2016. This year I really enjoyed being pregnant and then being a new mom but now it's time to get back out there and collaborate more and if possible bring June along for the ride!

Overall 2015 was great but I really can't wait to see what 2016 brings, I know that I am only going to work harder, love harder, hug tighter and live more in the moment. In a time where social media is everything, I hope to be able to cherish more memories in my heart than on my instagram, but if possible accompany it with an instagram!

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Thank you all so much reading, thank you for all the love and support. I hope everyone enjoys their New Years Eve and that 2016 is bigger, better and brighter!


Stay Beautiful