Neon Summer Love

With Summer almost here, swimsuits and beachwear become a Miami girl's uniform. While I have never been one to live in a bikini, I appreciate all the body positive movements going on. I recently talked about this in my last post. It's hard to pick out and rock a suit when you have years of Victoria Secret ads embedded in your head, but it's also really great to see all these influential people and brands taking a stand to help girls and women feel more confident. 

When I got this Express Suit {top} {bottom} I was both really excited and intimidated, could I wear such small pieces? How would I feel? But as soon as I threw them on, I felt comfortable, I felt okay. And that's a very great start ladies and gents! After getting through that moment, putting on the rest of the outfit was a breeze, since the suit itself is monotone, it was easy for me to add pop of colors while still feeling really cool and stylish. Yay Express!

I paired the suit with these really comfortable and versatile Forever 21 summer pants, the material is so light it's barely there. And then of course I had to bring out my H&M neon Kimono, I bought it almost 2 years ago but it was love at first sight and I still consider it to be one of my best buys of all time.

I want all the girls this summer to enjoy the sun comfortably in their bodies because as long as you have a body, you are perfect!

Here's to a stylish and colorful Summer! 

WHAT IM WEARING: Nasty Gal Black Roses Sunnies (old) {These are cool too} Wildfox Swimsuit Clutch {Polka Dots} {Pink & White Dots} Fringe Bandeau Bikini Swim Top ℅ Express - ON SALE Zigzag Bikini Swim Bottom  Express - ON SALE H&M Green Neon Kimono (Old) {I like this one too} Forever 21 Summer Black Pants {Similar} {Similar} Forever 21 Wedges {In White} {Similar} {Similar}