Let There Be Light! (A Sunny Post)

With Spring and Summer quickly approaching us, it's hard not to reach into our collection of sunnies, or if you're like me, a compulsive buyer, look everywhere and anywhere for that perfect pair that will protect your eyes while making a statement. 
I have always been a sunglasses lover and have so many different pairs, it's really a fun way to accessorize without trying too hard and when you live in Miami, Sunnies are a necessity! 
The really fun thing about sunglasses is the way they have evolved throughout the years, the shapes, the colors, even the glass itself; sunglasses have become a major part of an outfit. 

Wearing 'Golden Eye' via Fantaseyes

FANTASEYES was kind enough to send me 3 pairs to test for myself and decide which style will be my 'IT' style for the upcoming seasons! 

Their collection of sunglasses is vast, the quality is very good and all styles have 100% UV protection! The best part of it? Their prices are super affordable! They also have a really helpful guide on their website to help you choose the best frame for your face shape. 


Style: Golden Eye

You can find Fantaseyes here:
Website: www.fantas-eyes.com
Instagram: @fantaseyes.inc
Twitter: @fantasupdates