New Year, New Goals.

Happy 2015! 
While I am a little late (17 days to be exact) at wishing you all a new year, I can't really apologize because this post is something that required a lot of thought, time and love. 

Over the holidays I did a lot of reflecting and some of you may have seen it a small post on my instagram about the reflection.
I have to say that it really started when I embarked on a cruise with Miami blogger, Annie, aka The Fashion Poet. Annie is known as being one of the founding bloggers down here in Miami and there was just so much that we talked about and more importantly that I learned from her. It was a week packed with wisdom and at the same time it was a lot of eye opening information. 

When I got back I couldn't stop thinking about whether this was something I wanted to continue or not. I just didn't feel the same way about fashion blogging anymore, I suddenly didn't care about getting freebies or being exposed or even known as a fashion blogger. 
And then one day it really clicked, I don't want to be a fashion blogger, I don't even think I ever wanted to embark on that journey. 

I'm someone who defies the norm and loves to embrace individuality, and somehow fashion blogging doesn't quite fit with who I am. Not to say that I don't love fashion or shopping because I do, but there's just so much more to life than buying a $300 purse or being endorsed by a designer. I simply don't care about things. 

And so today I come to declare that I leave that world but I am not leaving blogging. 
I love writing and expressing my thoughts and while this blog will have many different things other than fashion, style will still be a part of it, because it's a part of me. 

To end off this post I wanted to share with you all 100 things that I hope to accomplish this year, in my personal life, professional life and everything else in between. 

I'd love to know some of your goals as well so please feel free to leave them in the comments below! 

with love,



  1. Wake up at 9am for a month.
  2. Go to sleep before midnight for a month.
  3. Go one month without shopping.
  4. Work out 3 times a week for a month.
  5. Cook a meal for a loved one.
  6. Read 10 books.
  7. Go to 5 live shows.
  8. Take a Yoga class.
  9. Have a beach day + actually get in the water.
  10. Go to a play.
  11. Photograph special moments + frame them.
  12. Finish fixing teeth by getting Invisalign.
  13. Go on a vacation with my sister, wherever she wants to go.
  14. Attempt to take a "family" pet portrait of my cats. 
  15. Open a savings account and deposit 50 dollars every month.
  16. Get a facial peeling.
  17. Give my face a break from make up at least once a week.
  18. Moisturize face + body every day. 
  19. Eat healthy at least once a week.
  20. No fast food for a month.
  21. Try different foundations until I find the perfect one for me.
  22. Go to Coachella.
  23. See Marina & the Diamonds live.
  24. Buy a record player + my favorite albums.
  25. Buy a 35mm camera.


  1. Clean + Organize my room, have NOTHING on my floor.
  2. Color coordinate my closet.
  3. Donate clothes that doesn't fit/I don't like.
  4. Clean + Organize all my make up!
  5. Organize nail polishes on a nail polish rack.
  6. Repurpose old T-Shirts I like and donate the rest.
  7. Put up black shelf and organize favorite books on it.
  8. Do 5 personal DIY's and post on the blog! 
  9. Re-organize desk.
  10. Get cute cushions for bed.


  1. Make youtube videos weekly.
  2. Blog every week, at least twice a week for a month.
  3. Post a make up tutorial twice a month.
  4. Get to 1K subscribers on youtube. (Wanna help? Subscribe here!)
  5. Create intro for youtube videos.
  6. Make a 'fashion' post once a month.
  7. Make a 'beauty' post once a month.
  8. Make an 'art' post once a month.
  9. Make an 'inspiration' post once a month.
  10. Work with new brands that inspire me! 
  11. Collaborate with other bloggers.
  12. Connect with bloggers all over the world.
  13. Attend a blogger conference.
  14. Create a beautiful Media Kit.
  15. Be feature online or in magazine.


  1. Work with 10 agency signed models.
  2. Create 5 fashion editorials.
  3. Work with a team on at least 2 editorials.
  4. Create 5 beauty editorials.
  5. Get an editorial published in a magazine.
  6. Shoot a wedding.
  7. Give away a portrait shoot to someone for free.
  8. Shoot self portraits every day for a whole month.
  9. Shoot my Sister's 16's photos.
  10. Buy a camera bag I love.
  11. Buy an 85mm or a 135mm lens.
  12. Shoot film, develop and print series.
  13. Shoot a series and publish non retouched images.
  14. Get hired in another city or country + paid travel.
  15. Get a new laptop.
  16. Shoot an entire Lookbook.
  17. Work with a clothing company I like.
  18. Redesign Website.
  19. Go to a workshop with a photographer I admire.
  20. Shoot an editorial in another country.


  1. Travel to California.
  2. Travel to Italy.
  3. Take a mini vacation to Marco Island.
  4. Vacation during the summer at The Keys.
  5. Go parasailing.
  6. Visit a Buddhist temple. 
  7. Visit North Carolina.
  8. Go to Disney once a month until April. (Annual PassHolder)
  9. Explore Fairchild Gardens for an entire day on my own.
  10. Visit The Galapagos Islands in my home country.
  11. Go horseback riding in Ecuador.
  12. Go zip-lining in the jungle of Ecuador. 
  13. Visit Puerto Rico again.
  14. Go to Cancun.
  15. Visit New York & New Jersey (Go to Cake Boss Bakery!) 


  1. Celebrate my 22nd birthday at Disney!
  2. Go to goodwill and buy a ridiculous but cool outfit.
  3. Go swimming for a month straight.
  4. Pay it forward 5 times. 
  5. Surprise my family in Ecuador by traveling there.
  6. Have a spa day with my mom.
  7. Take my dad on a safari adventure.
  8. Visit 10 new restaurants in Miami.
  9. Go to Serendipity and finish a Sundae.
  10. Paint something on canvas.
  11. Make a gown from scratch.
  12. Meet someone who has been influential to me.
  13. Make my family breakfast randomly.
  14. Buy a bike.
  15. Go on a photo adventure in a flower field.

PS. Come back to this blog post to see what I've completed.