Limecrime Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am so excited to be sharing this giveaway. I decided that it was time for me to share one of my favorite beauty products with you all! So I am giving away one of my favorite reds and my favorite Limecrime shade, Retrofuturistic! Limecrime is becoming more and more popular these days and I couldn't be happier because I LIVE for these lipsticks. Growing up as a rebellious teen, I wanted these crazy colors and it was really hard finding a brand that was of good quality and that had eccentric colors! I honestly cannot remember how it is that I stumbled upon Limecrime but I do know that it was about 4 years ago? Maybe even 5! But I remember instantly falling in love with the shades and LOTS have been added since then, including their addition of "The Velvetines", which are probably my FAVORITE stains EVER! Nowadays many other companies have come out with a wide variety of shades for us funky girls but Limecrime still manages to be my favorite for many reasons. Their packaging just has me hooked and let's not forget the creaminess of their product!

So now onto the giveaway!

RULES: 1) You MUST follow me on Instagram. @belairbeautiful (if you don't have an instagram, that's okay! You can still score this lipstick, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog newsletter. You can find the box widget on the right side. Then just comment on this blog post with the email you subscribed with and you'll be entered!) 2) You MUST repost the instagram giveaway post!

It's THAT simple! You can earn more entries to ensure you win 'Retrofuturistic' below!

Comment letting me know which Limecrime shade is your favorite and if you've never tried Limecrime, which shade you'd LOVE to add to your make up collection!

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