Meet my Little Fashionista

Her name is Emily and she's my 15 year old little sister! 

So a couple of weeks ago my sister and I had an impromptu, mini shoot. The reason why I insisted that we shoot our outfits was because we were headed to the movie theater and as we walked out of our rooms, our outfits seemed very planned, but in fact weren't. I had a quick laugh and then told her I loved what she was wearing. If I had to describe my sister's style, it's definitely minimalistic and black. My sister is only 15 but I'm a bit proud to say that I have influenced her style and have taught her a thing or two about online shopping. {Good thing or terrible one?} 

Anyway, enjoy a quick post and our black and white outfits! 
Happy Tuesday. 

Long Sweater: H&M {Similar} {Splurge} | Pendant Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21

Aldo Booties (Old) {Similar}
H&M Fluffy Cardigan {Similar} {Similar}
Forever 21: Black Leggings | Black Basic Tank Top | Polka Dot Skater Skirt