Intro: Trending Tuesday

And welcome to Trending Tuesday! 
So in order to keep myself on schedule with the blog I've decided to start a couple of cute themes/ideas to help me with writers block. Believe me, I could write about tons of things but sometimes I'm just more a ranter than a writer, does that make sense? 
Well anyway, while I still very much want this blog to be as artsy as I can possibly make it, something that matches my personality and isn't another fake blog, (sorry to all the other bloggers who have a fake voice!) I'm going to try to implement segments in my blog that relate more to fashion. After all, that's what I think about/talk about/rave about/do, more than anything. 
And for you people who love depth and the really REAL stuff, don't you worry, I'm working on something for you all, believe me, I much rather write about the awesome video I saw on UpWorthy or the incredible TedTalk I watched today but alas, there will be a time and blogspace for everything! 

And that was a long intro but here we go! 
Now, I want everyone to know that I am by no means a fashion expert and I have NEVER, ever claimed to be. Why?
Here's why:
1) I strongly believe trends are limiting and really don't believe in them AND
2) Style is very personal and therefore who am I to tell you to wear what I love? Capisce? 
But every now and then it just so happens that I happen to love a trend or have always loved it and now it's "IN" and so I can't help but feel like I know a little something something about fashion. 

AND SO. Geezus, will I ever get to the point? (I hope you think this is as funny as I do.)

I introduce the 

Okay so maybe this trend isn't new, but it's definitely going around. When you live in Miami or anywhere where summer consists of
1) Not wanting to leave your house or car because you know you'll melt and possibly faint outside and
2) Not physically being able to wear normal clothes, (sad face). 

But that's where rompers or playsuits as I like to call them, come in, it being summer and me being girly and all. I LOVE rompers with floral patterns or just cute abstract patterns for that matter, and while I do adore my staple BLACK rompers, even with the lightest material, they're too hot to wear on 100 degree days. 
Playsuits are not only ultra chic but also super, duper comfortable to be in. 
The only downside of these babies is wanting to go to the restroom, it's a HUGE pain in the bootay to do, but at least you won't be dying the entire day! 

Here are some rompers I absolutely adore and might feature in my 'Want It Wednesday' (hint hint) post tomorrow because I am obviously a little too obsessed.


1) Bloom In Romper

Image via Nasty Gal 

2) Tropical Hawaii Playsuit

Image via Motel Rocks

I have been obsessed with playsuits and actually got my first one from Motel Rocks years ago, to this day, it's my favorite and their playsuits just hug your body the right way. This company is based in Australia but trust me, it's worth the wait. Enter the code ANDREAKBELLA for a 20% off! :) 

3) Floral Printed Scuba

Image via

4) Floral Wrap Romper

Image via Dailylook

5) Serapia Rose Print Romper

Image via Missguided

These are my top 5 rompers on the web right now, I hope you all enjoyed the first segment of Trending Tuesday and we'll see another trend next tuesday! 

Ps. the photos are clickable to where you can buy the item ;) 

Yours truly,