Darling Blue

Kara Heart Ring | Lindsay Mini Cuff c/o Kendra Phillip
Kyoto Floral Top | Kyoto Floral Skirt | Wooden Wedges
Cream Bag {F21} (old) | Trio Vibe Midi Ring

Hello darlings! 
This summer I am trying to play around with different styles and trying to be more daring with my fashion choices. This gorgeous skirt and top set are from my new favorite online shop, Necessary Clothing! I'm sure I don't need to introduce that place to anyone but this was my first buy (the top, skirt AND shoes) and I just can't wait to buy more! (I also got a tee that says "I woke up like this" which I can't wait to style!) Obviously, I am very short (5 feet to be exact) and so some stuff I reject simply because of that, but I think that short girls should enjoy every style as well! And who doesn't love skirts and crops? I know I do. This floral coordinate just had me at first glance, they also carry it in coral, and it was SO hard to decide between the two colors but I wear a lot of blue and went with my gut feeling! 
Kendra Phillip was kind enough to send me some amazing goodies from one of her amazing collections! Her simplistic yet incredibly sweet designs converted me from a girl who doesn't really like to accessorize to one that simply won't take them off! While still allowing everything to be very minimal, I love her designs because they add such a nice touch. Aside from the stuff that I featured here she also sent me a gold stackable ring, similar to the one I'm wearing here and a mini heart necklace which I am obsessed with (you can totally see that on instagram) since I really haven't taken it off, other than for this post. Sorry not sorry? (Definitely not sorry!)

Let me know if you like this sweet look and if you're trying out new styles, share them below! 

yours truly,