Want it Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today on the blog, I am starting a new "chapter/section" called 'Want Wednesday!' which is probably going to be terrible for me, because I will buy some of this stuff BUT it's basically going to be me "window shopping online". 
It may sound a little ridiculous but I do a LOT of online shopping and so I never really get the experience of window shopping since I despise going to the mall. 

Anyway, enjoy this post and all the goodies I am totally wanting this week and check out my blog every wednesday for 'Want Wednesday!'. 

1. Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette

Want Wednesday Bobbi Brown!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Mrs. Mia Wallace from their new Pulp Fiction Collection

I LOVE these glide on pencils by UD and when I saw this color, I knew that it was a must have. I still need to personally check out the Pulp Fiction collection so if and when I do, I'll be sure to get me this gorgeous dark red color, which is wearable all year long, especially in the fall! 

3) Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

Okay, so whoever isn't in love with this palette is clearly a dog person. What could too faced do next? Sell kitten shaped bronzers that ALREADY smell like chocolate and bunny shaped blush? I can't anymore but seriously, this palette is super sweet and perfect for the cat lady in me! 

4) Ecume by NARS

White nail polish. Enough said. 

5) Benefit Push Up Liner

While I have my favorite liners already, I have been dying to give this baby a try. I'm not usually a Benefit girl but I am just so intrigued by how this liner works. 

What are 5 beauty products you're lusting after and which of my 5 do you think I should get?! 
Comment below and let me know :)

yours truly,