June Ipsy Glambag *Review*

June Glambag - Pretty in Paradise

Hello to all the beauty lovers out there!

This is my first *beauty* review and I will be doing these each month; whether it be the Ipsy Glambag or any other product I feel I should rave about! A little back story on my experience with these bags, I have been a member of this beauty subscription service since it first launched on December of 2011 and have received a bag every month since then, which means I have quite the collection of bags! 

You can read about what Ipsy (previously MyGlam) is all about on their website, and on to the review we go. To get your own Ipsy bag, click here.

If you rather watch me review the products, then click here. 

Lash Out Mascara by Be a Bombshell

Prior to actually opening this mascara, I was a bit excited, I love the black sleek packaging but as soon as I opened it, a STRONG and unpleasant smell came out of the tube; regardless, and for the sake of reviewing, I tried on the product. 
The formula itself felt a bit clumpy on the brush as it is a drier formula and when applying, one coat simply wasn't enough. The most important factor to me, was the horrible smell, I have no idea what ingredient caused it to smell this way but I didn't feel it was safe to be applying anything that smelled that bad near your eyes. 

Conclusion: Don't try or buy this product, it retails for $15, but even if it was free, I wouldn't use it. 

DERMAdoctor DD Cream

This is probably my favorite product in this bag! It's really hard for me to love a skin product instantly because I have such complicated and sensitive skin. This product says to have 15, yes FIFTEEN, health skin benefits AND it also has SPF 30, which is amazing! 

  • Self-Adjusting Coverage
  • Anti-aging
  • Hydrates
  • Defends
  • Evens Skin Tone
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Blemish Soothing
  • Reduces Redness
  • Firms
  • Brightens
  • Primes
  • Enhances Vibrancy
  • Refines
  • Mattifies
  • Nourishes

And I definitely believe that it delivers, this formula is a little thick but it goes on very smoothly, it acts as a primer while also protecting and nourishing; I do have to say that for us matte face lovers, it does leave your skin a little dewy, not oily. If you prep your face well and set everything in place, this product will cause no issues when it comes to the oil department. I also felt like I got a lot more coverage than I expected, which was truly amazing. I honestly could rave about how it really does what it says to do, but just believe me, it's worth trying. 
This magic formula retails for $38.00 but enter IPSY20 and get 20% off ;) (limited time).

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

This was another product that I completely fell in love with! This Marc Anthony product promises to give you dream beach waves ALL YEAR LONG. It also adds volume to your hair and protects it from sun damage, need I say more? Well just in case you weren't already sold on this mermaid hair in a bottle, it also smells like heaven aka coconut. I don't know about you all but anything that smells like coconut needs to be in my life. 

As someone with naturally wavy hair, I applied this to blowdried and slightly curled hair and followed the directions and got the cutest beach waves! Watch my video to see how it turned out! 
You can buy this product at your local Walgreens or here, it retails for $8.79. 

NICKA K Shimmer Eyeliner

This product wasn't a huge hit in my book, but I don't think it's a complete miss either. It retails for $4.99, so if you don't mind the kind of hard brush against your eyelid, the payoff is pretty good and Nicka K has a good color selection of these shimmer eyeliners.
I'd probably buy tons for shoots and fun looks!  

NYX butter-gloss

And finally, the last product was this butter gloss by NYX, which i was actually excited to try even though I kind of loathe lip glosses. The good news is that it's not as sticky as I thought it was going to be and it smells like butterscotch! Can you tell I'm a sucker for smells? Well I definitely am not going to run to ULTA at 9am tomorrow, but for every now and then I wouldn't mind using this beautiful shade just to add a bit of softness to my lips!
This butter gloss retails for $5.00! 

If you couldn't get enough of this bag or just want to hear me talk about it, feel free to watch the video below! 

yours truly,