Every Rose...

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has thorns.

She was lethal, she was fire
beauty and rage
what an impossible combination
but they happen more often than you'd think
every rose has it's thorns
and when they do, they must be handled carefully
and when they don't, they're just beautiful
not in their natural state, no longer as dangerous
tamed and beautiful
is how we like our roses


As I mentioned in my last post, these past few weeks have been a bit of a struggle; mostly emotional. There comes a time in life when you realize that not everything is how you perceived it to be. 
I never thought that this career path was going to be easy; I always knew that being an artist was going to be a struggle. I'm not sure why I've been feeling this way about my passion, but maybe that's it, the fact that it no longer feels like a passion; it feels like work. And while I am so fortunate to do what I love for a living, it also takes away from my development as an artist. I love creating portraits of other people and having them fall in love with them; but in doing so, I stop creating my own. 
This week was my finals week and I created two different tiny stories with myself. I didn't know whether I wanted the fashion to be as important but subconsciously, it always is. 
I've been dying to feature this Nasty Gal dress but I still wasn't sure what shoes to style it with, for this shoot however, it wasn't too important, so I paired it with these really cheap gold glittery shoes I bought from China years ago, as you can see, I was stepping in mud, so I didn't want my good pair to be ruined. 

In a way, this is how I feel all the time, like a rose that still has her thorns, and who refuses to let people rip them. My insecurities and fears and flaws are what make me who I am, without them, I'd just be another pretty face, and I'd never feel content with that. 

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post, it's a mix of fashion and art and hopefully that's how all my future fashion posts will be, I've realized that I've never been good at ordinary, so I have to let my true peculiar self shine :)

 (Huge thanks to my sister for helping me with these shots, she's the best.)

Yours truly,