I'm only human.

human rain- Week 16/17

About a week or two ago, on my 21st birthday, I decided to get my fourth tattoo. 
I had been thinking about getting it for quite some time and I was torn between two words and I decided on 'human'. 
At first, to most, when I explained that I wanted to get that word permanently on my skin, no one really understood. 
I feel like tattoos are so personal and I think they should have a lot of meaning to the person getting them. And a lot of the times, outsiders and even the people who know us well, won't truly understand why. 

I decided on the 'human' tattoo because I am someone who is always putting everything else before her own health, her own wellbeing, her own happiness. I make sure that everything gets done, no matter the toll it takes on me. I make sure that everyone is happy, before me. I don't think its a bad quality, I just think that sometimes I have to remember that even if I fail, or feel like I let someone down, I have to remind myself that I am just human.
I am not perfect, I am a not a robot, I have feelings and I have flaws and all those things make up who I am.
Being vulnerable is not something this society approves of, we are told that we must be strong or otherwise we will fail.
And though to some extent, I do agree with that, I also think that emotions and vulnerability is something we should all embrace within us.

As an emotional person, its very hurtful when people close to me, don't agree with how I express myself.
"You're too emotional."
"You cry too much."
Those are lines I've heard more than I can count, things that have hurt me and made me stronger, but in a way that I don't really like. 
So the word human is there to remind me that I am just that, I'm just a little human. 
And its there to remind me that I need to take care of myself because if I want to accomplish big things, I have to be happy before anything. 

yours truly,



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