Forever XXI

Week 14 - Electra Heart Series (2013) 

21 years ago, a diva was born……….
Just kidding, it was just me!

I know it may seem extremely vain to make a birthday post but this blog is supposed to be my life diary and some people say today is a pretty big deal……
Though I don't give into the hype of being twenty-one, I do have to admit that it seems like a rite of passage, you see, for me, turning 15, and even 18, was NO big deal and somehow I feel like turning 21 isn't either, and at the same time, I feel like life is definitely going to change. 
It's not because I can now drink (legally) or because I can get into bars and clubs (though I live in Miami, I'm not very into the Miami party lifestyle). 
The reason I feel life is going to change goes beyond the obvious, I feel that I am really no longer a child, and though many people know I am mature, and have been for years, all of a sudden I feel like I AM an adult, and well yes, I technically am. 
I feel like I'm having the weird "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" Britney moment. 

I hope to accomplish so much this year and the years to come but I'm really excited about the future, a lot has changed in my life, but I feel that when you welcome change, it rarely ever brings you anything you don't desire. 

I wouldn't be anything without the people who support me and love me unconditionally and I will forever be grateful to those people, there are many times when I feel alone, it's hard for me to truly make real connections with people, to feel that our souls connect but I am very lucky to have met so many amazing people and I only hope to continue doing so.

As for any overnight changes, I don't see any coming, except that maybe by tomorrow I will have some new ink on my skin (I will definitely write about it!) but other than that, I am still little ol' me. I'm still a small girl trying to make it out alive in this big, big world. 

Thank you for reading this birthday rant, it's really more for me :)

(and happy birthday to all my dear Aries, we are unique people who need a special kind of love.) 

yours truly,