Let It Go

Week 13

It’s funny how some distance, makes everything feel small. And the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all.

— Let it Go, Frozen

This week, I'm a little tiny bit behind, because it's technically last week's photo but I am trying to stay up to date as much as I can, I will have another photo later this week, to cover this week. Honestly this photo was taken right after one of my favorite songs came on, I literally saw this road and stopped my car and got out and took some shots, this one image is actually made up of about 20 separate images, I'm working on expansions and this was just a quick one. The title itself is very similar to Week 2 of this project. 

My story behind the photo:
In Week 2, I posted a photo with the caption 'Let Go!' and that was about letting go of the fear, mostly the fair of failure, and facing things as fearlessly as possible. 
This week, this photo represents another type of letting go, the type that probably isn't the easiest to do, the one that leaves you empty for a bit. 
I have done my fair share of letting go, of people, of places, of things; letting go can be quite liberating. And lately, I seem to talk about it a lot, because it's something that I've been going through. It's not something easy, I have to admit, it's very difficult and painful at times, but whenever I am feeling devastated and disappointed, I just look at the world around me, the beauty in nature and the simple, little things in life. 
That's what this picture says to me; it's about letting go of things that we know hurt us, and we don't exactly want to let go, but they're only poisonous and in the end we just have to remember that the world will still continue, whether we want it to or not, so it's better to look at the silver lining, keep our chins up and smile at life. 
Thank you for reading. 

yours truly,