☆ Dreams ☆

Week 12

Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

I'm a peculiar creature by nature.
There is really no particular way to describe it.
Some may call it being lost, but I call it being found.

Wanderer, gypsy, dreamer. 
I see myself as those things but even then it's a lousy way to describe who I am.
I am seldom one hundred percent in the 'real world'.
I inhabit the clouds every moment I am awake and every moment I am not. 

My story behind the photo:
This week, I am once again recycling a photo from the past, BUT, it's a whole new idea. When I first took the photo a couple of months back, I never saw it the way you see it, until this week. It also just so happens that I have been OBSESSED with 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac, yeah, I am a sucker for 80's music. My parents taught me well… :) 

I can't describe how perfect this week's "theme" is for me. 
I consider myself a professional daydreamer with a license in nightmares. (I more often have these.) It's maybe why I love creating so much, maybe the reason why I want to explore the fine art world more and create more images like the one above. Of course, I'm going to need a lot of practice because up until now, I have considered myself a photographer but I have never been a graphic designer or extreme retoucher. If anything, when I started, I believed in minimum photoshop, I still very much like to keep things natural but I do have a new found love for all the amazing, surrealistic images, that photoshop helps create. And in a way I want to be a part of that. So here is this image, which is actually just a trial for something I have planned in the future, I just have to get around to finding the perfect everything and of course, get some time to shoot myself. 
And I mean with a camera...

I'm a dreamer by nature, I have always lived in the clouds and I hope to never stop. 

yours truly,