Kitty in Black

Gold Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings & Ring from F21
Oversized Heart Shaped Sunglasses 

Nasty Gal Alexa Dress can be found here.
Beige Kitty Shoes

So I am very aware that Spring has arrived and while I am a serious lover of all things floral and pink, I have to just get this out right now, my favorite color to wear, no matter the season, weather, time, etc; will always be black. And so when i saw this midi dress on Nasty Gal two weeks ago, you know I didn't think twice about getting it. It is seriously such a wonderful dress to own. 
This dress is perfect to me because it's simple enough to be casual, but it can also be dressed up to the max. I decided to go with a 'minimalistic' dressed up version of it. Normally, I am a very minimalistic person when it comes to accessories, so wearing so many things was fun and different for me!
The heart shaped sunglasses aren't a new thing for me, I've always loved them, for years, I just recently got a new pair of these because all my other heart shaped sunglasses broke, and yes, I said other pairs, as in more than one, or three. 
Anyway, please enjoy the pretty photos taken by one of my great friends, JK Alexander. 
All post production done by Moi :)  

How adorable are these shoes?!

yours truly,