Jourdan Dunn 

So about two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get into the super cool Express Runway show, held in South Beach. Actually, to be honest, I had to sneak in, even though I was on the media list! It's a funny story though; because it was an event that anyone and everyone could RSVP to, there were a LOT of people trying to get in and therefore a huge line, luckily I had my camera and my courage with me, so I sneaked in with a bunch of male photographers, also let's not forget to mention the fact that I was even more lucky to have been in black! Ha. Take that security. 






Oh, and also, this event was 21+, which I am not. So 3 points for me, 0 for their security. 
Anyway, these are some of my favorite looks from the night. I had to say the show was super quick but it was amazing. 
The host, Kate Upton, sat 3 feet away from me while the show was going on and that was pretty cool. 

Until next time!


All images shown in this post belong to Bella Mente Photography

My outfit that night :)

Kate Upton/ Via Bella Mente Photography