Week 11

Tonight I am here and I’m pondering life, this week has been purely chaotic. I have asked myself so many things this week and somehow can’t come up with answers to any of them.

“Why does it feel so good to let go of things?”
“How does it kill us at the same time?”

This week’s photo isn’t fancy at all; it was written quickly in a moment of fear and sadness, it’s my handwriting, in one of my journals. I kept hearing the line “you and I, we have to let each other go.” I think that sometimes letting go feels better than holding on.
I’m no stranger to letting go of things and people; if anything, I know the feeling all too well.
Love is such a strong bond, caring for someone is a noble act and having them care for you is simply one of the most rewarding feelings. And sometimes people stop caring and you’re left with pain.
Any time I have lost someone, I always feel this bottomless cavity in my heart; I fear that the emptiness will consume my entire being and that I will give up on society. And somehow, right after, someone new comes along and shows me that there are people out there who will care for you, the way you deserve.

Letting go isn’t always easy, but it’s the best way to free you from the certain pain of holding onto something that no longer serves its purpose.

People come in for seasons, reasons and lifetimes and it’s just up to them to show you which of those they fall in.