I Am Not A Robot

Week 8 

You're vulnerable, you're only human.
You aren't made of metal, you're made of flesh.
You're not programed to feel certain things
You're allowed to feel it all.
When you break, you don't get sent off to a factory
When you're torn, your body repairs itself
Little by little.

My story behind the photo:
I have been listening to Marina and The Diamonds a whole lot these past few weeks so once again I was inspired by her, I realize that a lot of my self portraits have been inspired by her songs, I just relate to her music too well. I wanted to create a colorful image, I picture it differently in my head but either way I feel really content with the way it came out, it was shot very simply, as opposed to how I originally wanted to do it but regardless the end result made me content. 

This week, I wanted to remind myself that I am only human at the end of the day. I am someone who is constantly on the go, I never seem to stop, I barely sleep, I don't eat the way I should, I am somehow always using up every bit of energy and more. I told myself this week that I would rest, for my own sake, I have been in a bit of hiding but it has been really good for, at least I think so. A lot of the times, we forget to stop and smell the roses, and well the roses and fields smell great. 

You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable; you are not a robot.

— I Am Not A Robot, Marina and The Diamonds

yours truly,