Week 7

I am happy, I am happy
I keep those thoughts in my mind
I am not sad, I am not sad
I try to remember that
Obsessions are running through my mind
People are looking, act quick
Be happy, stay happy
Stop being humanistic
Become numb.

My story behind the photo:
So I have to be completely honest, this photograph is actually a couple months old, this photograph was part of a huge series inspired by Marina and the Diamonds, which I still have not really gone into to edit. I had absolutely no time to photograph myself or anyone and it's just been a very uninspired week and warning but I'll probably look into archives on weeks that I just can't fit shooting into my week, BUT that being said, I looked deep into this and I found this image that fit what I've been feeling lately.

This week, I have just been feeling an overwhelming amount of confusing thoughts. I have been in conflict with myself, about the values that I have, about the person that I am. I looking for something but I'm not sure what that something is; I feel at peace and at war with myself. We as a society are pressured to always be happy and I think its okay to have moments of doubt and to have these 'obsessions', these things that run through our mind often, our doubts, our insecurities, our fears; these things I believe only make us human. 

You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that makes you weak.

— Obsessions, Marina and the Diamonds

yours truly,


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