Week 6 

Goodbye, I whispered.
Thinking that I could abandon the one thing that felt real.
I was running, or at least I was trying to.
I had packed up my bags and was ready to go.
But a vision of love and wonder woke up my soul.
I stopped.
I knew I had to pursue the dream that I once had.
So I woke up from the dream and decided to run
towards it. 

My story behind the photo:
This week was like any other but after a few weeks of not feeling like myself, I woke up okay one day, I woke up with hope. Many times I rely on my hope to get me through whatever life puts in my way. Though I do not have religious faith, I have to believe in something, so I choose to believe in the people that I love and admire. 
Today is Valentine's day but it's also another regular day, showing the people you love affection and appreciation is something we should do often. 
This week I feel happy, because I know that I show my love for people all the time. I love people all the time. 
This photo also signifies, dreams; my dreams. I have decided to incorporate new things into my work, to change direction in a way. I have been feeling better about photographing myself, it's helping me understand life and better my work. I don't know exactly where I'm heading but I know that I'm going to be happy, I'm going to enjoy the journey, I'm going to appreciate the people who love me enough to be there for me, I'm going to appreciate every moment, even the sad ones. 

Take a risk, take a chance, tell someone you love them, show them every day. 

yours truly,