11 Weeks {June Update} + 10 Things I didn't know about Motherhood +


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My favorite number but this week it symbolizes another week of June. I wanted to write monthly updates, mostly for myself but also for anyone out there who might be wondering what motherhood has been like and how it's treating me. Although I'm sure every woman experiences these moments in their own way, I'm also sure there are tons of relatable things.

Recently I watched a wonderful video by Similac, a video aimed to end mommy wars, and even though I haven't experienced judgement in that magnitude, I know that it's out there.

These past 11 weeks have been full of learning lessons, trials and lots of errors but above it all, love. And that's one thing ALL mothers have in common.

Motherhood is hard. 

A few weeks ago I put together a list of things I didn't know before, that I wanted share with those of who you haven't experienced it as well as with those mommies who can relate,


10 things I didn't know about motherhood:

  • 1. Breathing is key during child birth. (Contractions REALLY hurt but if you scream you don't allow air to get to your baby, plus it really doesn't help).
  • 2. Breastfeeding is hard. I had a really hard time at first and almost gave up after 4 days of excruciating pain but all I needed to do was fix my latch and I did! After I got the hang of it, it made for some amazing bonding with June.
  • 3. The first few days are the most stressful and somehow the least hard. It's stressful because you're new at this but newborn babies don't really need much and sleep so much! As long as you keep a mental checklist of what they need and make sure those needs are met, the you'll be fine. The hard part comes after they get out of the newborn bliss.
  • 4. You do sleep, just on a really weird schedule that your baby pretty much controls. Hence why I'm writing this blog post at 2:51AM. But don't get me wrong June and I cuddle every morning and sometimes past noon...
  • 5. The aftermath of labor is worse than labor itself. I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything, labor is traumatic on the body but the moments of pain during labor are quickly forgotten when you see your bundle of joy, however the horrible aftermath isn't quite as easy to look past. Although I had a pretty quick and easy recovery, I was so sore and let's not even mention the amount of pads you have to go through post labor. (Sorry! I know it's tmi!)
  • 6. If women think swollen feet during pregnancy are bad, they clearly haven't experienced postpartum swelling... My foot swelling was so bad my mom suggested I go to the E.R. multiple times, I went from a cute 6.5 to probably a scary wide 8, but not all was lost because it seems my foot actually only grew a few milimeters. I can no longer fit into all my old shoes but that just gave me a good excuse to go shoe shopping! ;)
  • 7. Your bump doesn't go away immediately and even when it does, your body is very different. A lot of people have said I look great post partum but I definitely didn't feel too great right after labor, in fact it took me 2-3 weeks to feel somewhat normal. Even now my body is so different.
  • 8. You're tired all the time, literally. But somehow you manage to find energy to really care for your baby. This is some sort of magic or super power you develop but I'm serious, you're never not tired and yet somehow your babies needs come above it all and give you energy to keep going no matter what.
  • 9. Getting back into the rhythm of things takes time.  It's tricky at first to get back to a version of life that feels normal but it's not impossible and it does happen eventually; your new normal just includes your baby now and her/his needs.
  • 10. The moment you see your baby, your entire world changes. And you experience a love like no other.I guess I never really prepared myself for this because here I was thinking it wasn't going to happen and sometimes it hits me hard that this is my baby, and that I am a mom 24/7. At moments and I don't have these very often but I do, I really doubt what I'm doing and wondering if I'm doing it all wrong, and I'm always thinking I could be better, and I try to be every day.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday!

yours truly,




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